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Unable to sync Events or Nutrition info with mobile apps


I recently purchased SiDiary so that we can share and sync diabetes records across all our platforms.. Windows PC, iPhone/iPad, and Android phone.  I have been generally pleased with the program so far, but I have been unable to find a way to sync the Events (Before Breakfast, Before Lunch etc.) or the Nutrition info with the mobile apps.  They are available on the Windows PC and online web versions, but not on mobile.  When I try to select Event during data entry on the Android or iPad, there is just a blank window with no apparent way to add/sync events.  When I select the Nutrition icon, it takes me to the website.  I tried selecting all the Nutrition entries on the Windows PC version to sync with the mobile app, but none of the nutrition info appears to have transferred to the Android or Apple devices.  I have checked the FAQ, forum, and manual but not found any solutions so far.  Can you help?  Thank you.

Similar to you I'm using also PC and iPhone as also iPad.
Using the PC I've created events and have them in the picklist available there.

On iPhone/iPad I do not have a picklist, but when entering events (even the self created) they are synchronized to the other systems without any problem. As soon as I've used a event on iPhone, it is available in a kind of favorites list.

May be we should add the function to synchronize the event master data and to use picklists for events also on mobile systems to their wishlist.
XMas is not that far ....  :wech:

Joerg Moeller:
Currently there is no sync available for nutrition data on iPhone or Android. Just our complete list, but online only. But that is already a feature on our ToDo-list.

The Event-List is also not available for the apps, but: if you enter an event once manually it will be stored for the future. So the next time you want to enter the same event you can pick it from a list. In other words: it's some kind of 'self-growing-list.

Kind regards

Thank you for your replies.  I tried to add an Event on the iPad, and it worked and added it to a list.  Same thing for adding an Exercise type.  However, neither the Event nor the Exercise function work on the Android version.  When I try to type something in the Event or Exercise field, no letters appear in the field.  Even if I add a time duration for an exercise, it does not get saved without an exercise name.  On the iPad version, I now have the new Event and Exercise types in a list, as you said.  However, the Android version does not show them, and it will not let me add them, either.  The information entered on the logbook on the iPad did sync properly to the Android...I can see it in the logbook.  Is there a way to add Events/Exercises on the Android version?  Thank you.

Joerg Moeller:
We have noticed, that on some android devices there are mysterious behaviours with the fields where to enter data. Sometimes it has helped if the user has updated his android system.
Currently we are working on an update or the android app and maybe it works better then. My testing device is a cheap Smartphone (Simvalley SP40) and it works well on it...


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