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The HB1C is not calculated properly in my SiDiary. Every time I try this I get a message: "Cannot calculate extrapolated HB1C because a working period for the bolus insuline has not been set" - or something like that (I use a Dutch translation).

I checked all my settings but I cannot find a setting for the active bolus insuline time.  ???


the A1C (or whatever it is called in the appropriate language) is always calculated without the option A1C interpolation (the checkbox beneath the 'Refresh' button on the statistics tab is NOT checked).

If you've checked this option SiDiary will interpolate the blood glucose values for the time axis, which can give you a more realistic A1C value because it recognizes situations when you've had a high bg level and have corrected it with an injection of your fast acting insulin. But to know how to interpolate, SiDiary need to know know after how many hours your fast acting insulin has no more effect. This time could be i.e. 2 or 3 hours for Humalog.

You could have specified this number when you've added your type of insulin and of course you can edit these effect times by editing the insulin types from the profile tab (Select Bolusinsulins from the combobox at the top of the edit screen!)

When the effect duration for your bolus insulin is set-up properly the interpolated A1C calculation should work fine too!
(Btw: You can read much more detailed in the manual about the interpolation of bg levels)

If your "night set-up" is ok and your corrections of high levels were successful you should get lower values for the A1C with the interpolated calculation because of the described above.

In special cases you also could get higher A1C values with the interpolated option, i.e. if you have slow rising blood glucose levels from bedtime of the previous day up to the next morning: In this case the higher bg levels will be interpolated too and this results in a higher A1C.

Anyway, please keep always in mind: The A1C parameter is just an approximate value based on your monitored bg levels! It depends basically on the data quality and it can NEVER replace the A1C value from your lab!!!

For a comparable A1C parameter SiDiary would need to have bg level values from let's say every minute. Then the data quality would be good enough to give you an calculated A1C which should be pretty close to the A1C lab value (which is the result of a discontinued "monitoring" of your blood glucose level too!).

Thanks Alf, for your quick and complete reply.

Ok, I must admit I did not find the extra setbox for the Novorapid I use.
But after checking all these settings and adapting the bolus duration I still do not get a descent average Hb1c calculation.
My average over 256 values is 7, but my Hb1c keeps saying 0,4, whatever I re-calculate.

I must be overlooking something (I work with mmol)


Hi Jeroen,

hmm, it's always a little bit difficult to analyze what's going on with the internet between us...  :'(

If this would be ok for you, you can send me an email with your *.dat files from your Pocket PC (they should be located in your \My Documents folder).
Then I can debug it and it's just a second to find out what's the problem...

Btw: Could soccer become a problem between us after this evening's party in Porto? ;D
It shouldn't! But the German team should win with 4:2 anyway...   :zwinker: :prost:

Bye, Alf...
...waiting for your data.  :super:
(and at the worst a remis is accepted also  :zwinker: )

Ok, I have sent you an email with my .dat file.

Actually, I have not set my hopes too high for the match tonight because our team is not really performing as they should.......
However, even if we lose tonight we will beat you in the final this time...... :banane:

Enjoy yourself tonight!



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