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Upgrade installation


I just copied the latest download (VB zip) from the website into my MDA II. If I start the program I see version 3.5.190 and I think we are up to 3.6.192.

What am I doing wrong??


Hi Jeroen,

I found the showstopper...  :moser:

The download location#2 did contain the update-package to version 3.5.190.  :(
The full ce-setup file was clean and also all files on location #1.

But I fixed it immediately, so right now everything should be really uptodate...

(But the only difference between 3.5.190 and 3.6.192 is the Thai enabled GUI, and I'm shure that this isn't a feature you're really missing ;) )

Thanks for telling me!  :super:

Bye, Alf.

Ok, thanks for telling me the difference between the versions.  :ja:
As I am not really in need for a Thai translation I'll wait a bit with the next update...... :gruebeln:



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