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Importing Data from Carelink CSV


First, I am really impressed with the new version of SI Diary: I thought that the old version was very good, but I think that the new version is great.

I have tried to import data from my pump (Medtronic Paradigm 722) by importing CSV files from Carelink.  As far as I can see, all of the data on the CSV file is there, but some of it seems to be missing in the SI Diary data: the main thing that is missing is the CHO intake. 

Is this a known issue, or is there a work around that I can use?

Thanks, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

actually we encountered many obstacles with the Carelink csv which isn't really straight-forward so I would not be surprised if the English csv extract would put the carb information in another location than the files we have received by other users for testing our import driver.

But of course we can check this directly if you could send me the csv file by email!
And I'm pretty optimistic that we can find a way to get your carbs too... ;)

Hi Alf

I have taken you up on your offer and sent over the last CSV download and a copy of the SI Diary download data.

Many thanks



My meter is Paradigm Veo and there still seem to be some information not imported, although most of it is.

21   30.6.2011   13:58:18   30.6.2011 13:58                                                                                          JournalEntryMealMarker   CARB_INPUT=10, CARB_UNITS=grams, TYPE=null, ACTION_REQUESTOR=pump   6550162624   50610608   324   Paradigm Veo - 754

Raw -data values entered by user are not imported or placed in the correct place in SiDiary. CARB_INPUT=10

I would be glad to send example csv files.

Yes please send it to and we'll check the file.
Thanks, Alf.


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